Continuing my Education

I will continued to attend school. I kept 1979 Catalog rights at Sacramento City college until 1994 by continually enrolling in at least two classes every semester during that time. So I have 4 Associate degrees now: Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Ethnic Studies (with a Chinese emphasis) and Human Sciences (with a psychology emphasis).  I have saved the Art classes until now. I also think I might take some classes overseas, which will fit with my love for travel. 

Tuesday afternoons I volunteer at the Sacramento Family History Center to help those people who want to find their roots.

I also sing with a local choir that entertains at some area senior centers. we are called The Country Club Aires.


When we lived in Union City Indiana during the time I was growing up I would take trips with one or the other of my parents and now I want to take a couple trips every year. During the last five years I have taken trips to China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the British Isles. Also every year i try to spend a couple weeks seeing parts of the US like Las Vegas, New York, Florida, DC, LA and Chicago.


I started riding my bike to work in 1983 as therapy for a back injury. I now enjoy riding just for recreation and I have not had any back problems since I started riding. I like to pack my bike when I go on little trips to the bay or the coast. A couple of us even rented bikes from the hotel in Beijing and tried out the bike paths there..


I have always enjoyed taking long solitary walks. I guess it started when I would just "take the long way home" from school but I began driving to a place where I could take a walk and now I find it the ideal way to "get to know" a new place when I take my trips. As arthritis begins to take its toll I find I occasionally must cut back on my planned walks but I will continue these as long as I can.


My first memory of the theater was seeing The King and I when it came to Detroit. My Mom and I were visiting an aunt who lived there. She had gotten tickets for us in the balcony. I still remember the magic of seeing Anna's dress swinging around the floor as they danced to "Shall We Dance?" I still love to take in the occasional play, mostly musicals. My love of the theater shows itself in the subjects of my painting and my photography. I hope to find more time to work with these images in the future. I also have a large collection of classic movies I have copied from Turner Classic Movies.


In the Meyer's-Briggs personality index I am an INTJ personality type and so was my late wife. You can serf all day and never run out of web pages to read if you are interested in just what that means. Type "INTJ" in any good search engine and you will have lots to read. If you are completely unfamiliar with the concept Meyer's-Briggs sorts us into 16 personality types; INTJ is the rarest and the most practical a sad commentary on our society it seems to me.

Also, there's a free web-based version of a Meyer's-Briggs sort of personality test available here.

I am interested in parapsychology and offered a computer program to test your ESP as Shareware. It was reviewed by a publication of the Society for Psychical Research in England. Nine times as many people downloaded ESPTest than downloaded my Chinese Flash Cards KaPian for DOS. But I did not sell any of the ESPTest and I sold over 300 of the KaPian for DOS programs. Who knows why?


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